It’s globally accepted that John Beltran brings a virtuosity to dance music that is unrivaled. Having remixed and produced numerous club classics for a variety of labels, including R+S, Peacefrog and Ubiquity, the Mid-western talent releases a stunning three-track EP titled “Nostalgic.” The EP sees Beltran in a reflective mood as he delves into the sonic influences that have shaped his past, from his formative years in Detroit to his move to Miami, hence the title.
On the A side of the EP, the opening cut, “Especially,” is a hauntingly beautiful bossa-jazz-influenced house offering, which features dexterous fret work by producer, guitarist and frequent Beltran collaborator, John Arnold. The perfect synergy between guitar, an easy-going bass line and laidback instrumentation results in a dancefloor-friendly turn that will engage house heads aplenty.
The second track on side A, titled “Alda,” shows Beltran at his most versatile as the Lansing, Michigan native encompasses some of his favorite styles of music. With a smidgeon of West London-style broken beat, spicy calypso, jazz and the rawness of the subtle techno vibe that underscores the track, this cut displays the breadth of Beltran’s musical tastes.
The flipside features a reworking of “Especially,” clocking in at 9:11 minutes, courtesy of New York staple, Hernan Santiago. He takes the track and massages it into an atmospheric, bossa-house cut with muted background vocals that are slinky and sexy. Again, Arnold’s guitar work takes centre stage as Santiago’s mix allows the instrument to run unfettered through the track.
From concept to creation of this project, John and us spend so may hours talking about his inner sprit and adventures in his past and current composition he worked on. We thank all the fans from his earlier days. This is for you. “Nostalgic

Catalog: Groovia 001
story teller: June Joseph
Cover art design by ERIK @KILO
Remix by Hernan Santiago