artist: AYRO aka. Jeremy Ellis (BIG 12 inch project)

Ayro original mix vs. Spinna mix "BOUNCE"

This is for WMC 2008 in Miami!<<<<<<Imagine this, the live performance extraordinaire who plays rhodes & drum machines (MPC) while he sings (sort of like Stevie Wonder + drum machince)... he decides to create a beautiful song, talking about his music and life exitement. A soulful hiphop legend hears the song and decides to takes this song adding more beautiful dance floor flavor. That is kind of dope, and that is what just happened here! Jeremy Ellis (aka Ayro)who worked with 4 hero, bugz in the attic, John Beltran (our people,) and John Arnold in the past, writes a breath taking song called "Bounce." DJ Spinna, the legendary hiphop dj + producer who remixed many artists such as Stevie Wonder, Shaun Escoffery, (and so many we can't list....,) gets inspired by this song and remixes it. Also just to add our comment towards Jeremy's last album from Ubiquity records... it was simply melt in our heart experiences. 

We heard Djs: Bob Sinclair, Danny Krivit, Kevin Hedge, Spinna, Kenny Dope, King Britt, Harley & Muscle, Spirits of house guys, and more playing this song.

<<<< It was charted on top 10 lists of following DJs >>>> Louie Vega, At Jazz, Bob Sinclair, Frankie Felciano, Alix Alveraz, Dj Oji, Conan Liquid, Anto Vitale, Frank Roger, Kevin Hedge, etc,

This song will be enclosed in AYRO's up coming EP "Midnite Dynamite-EP" release-May 08 Digital format on Traxsource!

But would like to keep the vinyl format alive for now!


Catalog: GRP 01
story teller: Jun Shiina
<<<BIG 12INCH project>>>

SIDE A only